Rethinking resilience: Reflections on teaching, learning and health in a time of Covid-19

This conference invites papers from different academic fields such as social work, sociology,
theology, and psychology, with the purpose of rethinking online teaching, how information is
absorbed, as well as the challenges and ethical aspects of online counselling.

Topics of particular interest for the conference (and planned conference volume) will be:

  • Online teaching
  • Online counseling
  • Futuristic ideas regarding learning especially in a country with disparities
  • Mental health of students as well as lecturers
  • The way information is absorbed and integrated

Please submit a one page, double-spaced description/abstract of the material to be presented, with three (3) learning objectives. Include a cover sheet that contains the title, author's name(s), professional credentials, phone number, and email address. Abstracts should be sent to Dr Annette Potgieter and Dr Jessica Johannisen before 30 April 2021.