Rethinking resilience: Reflections on teaching, learning and health in a time of Covid-19

Hybrid conference (online and in-person)
23-25 June 2021
Venue: Andrew Murray Centre for Spirituality

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped our reality. How we interact with each other has been shaped by distance, wearing masks, and sanitising. The impact of this social change on the way we think, study, teach, and provide counsel is undeniable. A light has been shed on disparities in communities, but also the lack of new approaches concerning teaching, learning, and counselling. A digital world of learning and teaching unfolds new possibilities to explore
the way in which we transmit information. However, there is also lamentation of this new situation since it is difficult to keep up with the immense pace of technology and the loss of physical interaction, as seen for example in our ability to discern body language. A holistic understanding of teaching, one that encompasses the wellness of student, lecturer and counsellor, comes all the more to the fore in this context.

Topics of particular interest for the conference (and planned conference volume) will be:

  • Online teaching
  • Online counseling
  • Futuristic ideas regarding learning especially in a country with disparities
  • Mental health of students as well as lecturers
  • The way information is absorbed and integrated

Costs: R200 per day or R450 for all three days. Now reduced to R350! This includes a small refreshment each day. R50 per day or R100 for all three days when attended online. Accommodation is available - see the accommodation page for details.

The conference will be registered for CPD points at the SACSSP